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How it works

1. Select the recipient’s city
2. Choose a gift from a local store in this city
3. Write your personal wishes
4. Select the exact delivery date

About Us

Giving a gift conveys a message

We are a small group of givers, determined to bring back the magic of gift-giving which we truly believe to be a lot more than just a purchase. It is an emotional experience through which we express ourselves to our loved ones.

For us, sending a gift to someone in your city or even abroad should be easy. Long distances, global shipping risks, and extra delivery costs can only obstruct the message you are trying to send. Because of that, we have created a way to make the entire process – from choosing the perfect gift to having it delivered on the day of your choosing – simple and effortless.

Choose your gift’s destination and start shopping local
UnboxMyGift introduces

The new way to give a gift

Through our partnership with local stores around the world, we are able to offer you a unique gift-giving experience, eliminating all geographical distances.

Regardless of where you are, you can now send a gift to a loved one in any city in the world simply by entering their local market. Forget extra costs, delivery delays, and mass-produced items. Our unique local partners offer unique gifts.

Meet our partners

We are extremely proud of our network of vendors that have been carefully selected according to our business partner standards. We are constantly trying to expand to more cities. If you are a store owner and wish to sell with us, click here.

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