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The New Way to Give a Gift

-Free delivery on the day of your choice

-Free greeting cards with your wishes

-Unique gifting experience among locals

Forget global shipping, think local delivery

How it works

1. Select the recipient’s city
2. Choose a gift from a local store in this city
3. Select the exact delivery date
4. Write your personal wishes

Partners Information

Learn how we can become partners. If you need further assistance, please contact us.

What kind of products can be sold via UnboxMyGift?

We are currently initiating partnerships with local stores and enterprises offering products from the following categories:

Clothes, Jewellery, Accessories, Underwear and Nightwear, Swimwear, Footwear, Maternity, Cosmetics, Homewear, Art Objects, Toys, Luxury Pet Products and Experiences such as Spa & Cruises.

Do you sell something different, but want to join UnboxMyGift? Contact us 

My store is located in a different city, can I be part of UnboxMyGift?

UnboxMyGift envisions a global reach, where everyone will be able to send a gift to a loved one in any city around the world.

If you are not based in one of the cities that we serve at the moment, but wish to be a part of UnboxMyGift, please contact us to learn how and when we can work together.

I do not have an online store, can I sell my products via UnboxMyGit?

Yes! It is not required to have an online store in order to sell with us. Moreover, via our platform, you will now have your very own microsite, featuring your store and your products. Any customer visiting UnboxMyGift will be able to visit your very own new online store within our platform.

Does it cost to sell via UnboxMyGift?

Selling your products via UnboxMyGift is totally free! There are no upfront payments or investment costs. Please contact us for more info.

Who provides the greeting cards?

Every gift is delivered with a complimentary greeting card. The cards are produced and provided by UnboxMyGift with no cost for the vendor. During the purchase, the buyer is requested to write their personal wishes that will be included in the greeting card, which will be handwritten accordingly by the vendor who will process the order.

How can the gift recipient exchange the gift?

The recipient’s residence and the local store are in the same city and therefore the recipient can easily exchange the gift simply by visiting the local store within the agreed upon period.

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