A 90-minute treat to really allow some more flow into your life. Walkout feeling lighter, more relaxed, and able to receive more of what you want as well as those lovely synchronicities – which we can block by trying too hard and pushing. Received lying down -gently touching points on the head that correspond to areas of your life- releasing energetic block, clearing limitations, stimulating your senses.

Available in your Central London home. Therapy rooms in Primrose Hill, City of London (Liverpool Street), or Queens Park (NW London). TV Presenter Jen says: “After the session, I felt relaxed with more clarity about the future and how I was going to deal with it. I highly recommend Nicole, she has a lovely gentle nature and a voice to soothe even the most highly strung person.”

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Have Your Magic

Nicole – the founder of Have Your Magic – Wellbeing is committed to helping us shine. Holding a safe space for us, she is helping us release any disempowering problems and patterns at the root cause, both belief and physical body, so we can finally be in the driving seat of our lives, feeling our inner strength in order to embrace our purpose. Nicole’s wellbeing experiences are truly life-changing.

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