Its abstract form is inspired by Kandinsky. Represents the great world order of external and the internal. Handcrafted in square sterling silver tube 925 and sterling silver 925 wire. Detailed with another round sterling silver 925 tube as a clasp and colored with dark blue, red, and yellow wax strings.

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Blue wax string up to 80 cm

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The abstract-designed necklace is one of a kind and handmade in Greece.

Nadia Valma

Nadia Valma is more than a brand.
It carries the name, the heart and the soul of Nadia Valma as a designer. Nadia Valma doesn’t have a founded date as nature and creativity,
the two key elements of every collection and every creation, were part of her life-path since her first day in this world.
The main ingredients of her personality, Travelling and Creativity, become one and create her signature in the jewellery world with the Nadia Valma brand.

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