1) pandrosia 24hour Moisture Lock Face Cream with organic aloe vera, organic olive oil, panthenol & hyaluronic acid – normal to dry skin 50ml

2) pandrosia Face Cleansing Gel with organic aloe vera, organic olive oil & tea tree 250ml

3) pandrosia Hand & Nail cream with organic aloe vera, organic olive oil & cotton 75ml

4) pandrosia 95% Aloe vera gel with 100% organic aloe vera, organic olive oil & vitamin E for face & body 200ml

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We grow organic aloe vera in our farm located in Kos island Greece, widely known as the birthplace of Hippocrates, history’s first physician and a pioneer in healthy living and holistic medicine. We use it to create a range of natural skin care products and organic foods. A newcomer in organic cosmetology and nutrition. A unique, more natural, attractive and healthier lifestyle is here. It comes from Kos, Hippocrates’ land, to offer a well-rounded proposal for wellbeing, and aims to set sail for the rest of the world. Pan from the Greek Παν meaning everything or all is used here in reference to health, wellbeing, beauty and happiness. Drosia from the Greek Δροσιά meaning freshness refers to the refreshing, regenerating and rejuvenating properties of Aloe vera, which can offer us a holistic, remarkable, new way of life.

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