Exclusiveness and excitement of feelings

(Hattan) perfume is an aromatic top that resembles a whiff of light continuous rain with a sparkling refreshing touch and a fragrant aroma that gives you ready to enjoy your time, creates an aromatic aura that is characterized by purity and exclusivity, sensational and gives you strong attraction!
Hattan perfume offers you floral signature of rose, jasmine and iris, for an exciting and enthusiastic experience. In the foreground it is lit with precious sandalwood and distinctive spices with a generous dose and a delicate fruity harmony, while the heart is brightened with the radiance of iris, rose and jasmine, and in order to obtain a more pronounced flavor, the base is made up of patchouli, luxurious and vibrant oud and vanilla that express a strong awakening, in addition to amber The musk that gives it the strength that comes from a profound alliance gives a contrast between freshness, warmth and richness, as it boasts the enchanting spirit of similarity of its components.

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Hattan Perfume + Boady Lotion + 20g Oud Incense

By Cloud Fragrance

We, at CLOUD FRAGRANCE, see a love story that continues to unfold over the millennia, a tale of the eternal bond between Earth and Ether (the sky).

Destined to gaze at each other for eternity, Earth and Ether found a special way to send scented messages to each other.

Earth’s love notes travel up through water vapours from her oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers, and invisible particles from her mountains, valleys, deserts, and forests. The flowers and trees perfume her messages with their unique fragrances.

When these aromatic wisps reach Ether, they fuse into beautiful soft, white letters of pure love that we call clouds.

Ether, in turn, sends his replies through cloudbursts – his emotions evident by the gentleness or strength of the downpour.

As the raindrops embrace Earth, they release a multitude of fragrances, which, once again, rise up as invocations of love from Earth to Ether.

Cloud Fragrance pays tribute to this beautiful and eternal love story of Nature with a unique collection of unisex perfumes, each made from all-natural oils and essences.

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