Is there something not working and you can’t work out why? Do problematic relationships seem to be on a loop? Do goals seem out of reach? A critical inner voice? I work in a relaxing, safe, and effective way, holding your hand as we get to the bottom of what is blocking your joy and clear where it is held in the body. A chance to connect with your inner wisdom of how or when a limiting belief was formed. A chance to heal and feel stronger inside. By reassuring and sending love to the younger self while simultaneously reframing situations, we can upgrade negative or fear-based beliefs to an inner voice that is happier, more confident, kind to self, that is now on board to support and able to help magnetize that which you wish to manifest. Approximately 2hrs per session every 2 weeks.

International Businessman Alex: “My experience with Regression was exceptional. Nicole was reassuring and consummately professional. I always shied away from deeper treatments, but this has been truly liberating, healing past concerns/conflicts, allowing me to progress on a new path, uncluttered for my future.”

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Have Your Magic

Nicole – the founder of Have Your Magic – Wellbeing is committed to helping us shine. Holding a safe space for us, she is helping us release any disempowering problems and patterns at the root cause, both belief and physical body, so we can finally be in the driving seat of our lives, feeling our inner strength in order to embrace our purpose. Nicole’s wellbeing experiences are truly life-changing.

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