Dry body oil “Kallisti” and body soap “Melissa with Loofah” for a complete anti-cellulite and local fat burning treatment. For best results apply your “Kallisti body oil” twice daily on clean skin by gently massaging with circular, upward motions with the anti-cellulite brush included.
• “Kallisti” is a dry, fast-absorbing body oil, enriched with plankton extract, an innovative active ingredient that stimulates localized fat burning and acts against the orange-peel skin effect. The potent mix of orange, juniper, and cypress essential oils tones the skin’s micro-circulation and accelerates the elimination of toxins. (100mL)
• “Melissa with loofah”: exfoliating soap made from plant-derived, extra-fine oils, and Greek virgin olive oil. Τhe natural loofah sponge stimulates blood circulation with an anti-cellulite effect while leaving your skin soft and revitalized. Contains honey and turmeric, known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Scented with refreshing lemon essential oil, gives you the necessary energy boost. (80gr)
• Cellulite Massage Brush. This handy wooden brush slips over the palm of the hand to enable easy massage over areas of cellulite. The stiff wooden nodules work like strong fingers on a flexible pillow, to gently but firmly massage the skin, helping to stimulate circulation and tone the skin.

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Nymfes Cosmetics were literally born in the Greek nature. They are luxurious cosmetics inspired by the most virgin natural landscapes of Greece and its mythology. All our products are made with 100% natural ingredients and we use “green” manufacturing methods and sustainable raw materials. They are quality, efficient and safe products as they are manufactured in a certified laboratory in accordance with the rules of GMP by people with a proven scientific background. In order to develop our products, we traced back to our roots, searched for traditional recipes, and enriched them with innovative, high-quality ingredients. According to the zero-waste philosophy, we choose eco-friendly packaging from materials and we avoid plastic. We produce in small batches only, taking our time to examine each and every product carefully. Everything in our catalogue is made by hand and with great care. Like all truly handmade products, Nymfes Cosmetics are unique and convey a sense of luxury and elegance without being too fancy.

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