DGR turns the mainstream fur coat into an extraordinary 100% handcrafted one, made with authentic care.  A soft, cozy, oversized, knitted coat with dropped shoulders, sidecuts, knitted fur sleeves, and a trendy collar that definitely can’t go unnoticed.
To create the “Owl” coat,  this unique item, we were inspired by the peacefulness, nobility, and elegance of the owl bird.
DGR is sizing up rather than sizing down. We oversize most of our products. That means we design them bigger than the usually tailored sizes. In DGR we don’t follow rules and norms.
We believe that style should make us comfy and relaxed rather than stressed and anxious.
The “Owl” coat is one size. It’s oversized but, it fits smoothly and elegantly most of the body shapes AND ACTUALLY, IT FITS ALL.

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Gifts for Women


Camel, Midnight Blue


One size – oversized
Mοdel height: 1,72 cm


Wool 35%
Acrylic 35%
Polyester 30%

Care Tips

* Dry clean only
* For better maintenance in shape, keep it folded in your closet – use the appropriate/special DGR packaging. Don’t hang it!


DeGRwear PCC (DGR) is a Greek manufacturing company that makes exclusively handmade clothes and accessories, while passionately supporting ethical and sustainable fashion. The protection of the environment and nature is the inspiration behind the design of DGR products, the choice of raw materials, services, but also the choice of names for our products. All DGR products are unique, 100% handmade and are created with authentic love and care, made to order, for each and every unique client.

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