“Breathe deeply with gratitude in a full-body, guided relaxation, then drift off on a magical, profoundly restful journey. Enjoy beautiful soothing soundscapes of Gongs, Crystal bowls, Ocean Drum, Rainstick, Chimes, and Kalimba. The ‘rest and digest’ system is activated as brain-wave states deepen to theta, even delta. Tension from mind and body is released effortlessly as your body feels the vibrations. Inspiration and imagination are ignited. Received lying down comfortably. Duration 1 hr. A guided meditation for setting intention can be tailored upon request.

Available in your Central London home/workspace or in our therapy rooms in Queens Park (NW London). As featured on BBC Radio London and at events for Soho House, The Union Club, Getahead Festival, and Gymbox. Kate Moss says: “Nicole’s gong baths are always a treat. She guides you to breathe deep and has a soothing voice which makes it easy to relax. She gives positive suggestions amongst incredible soundscapes – relaxing, cosmic sounds from enchanting instruments. You can literally feel the good vibrations in your body I love it!”

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Have Your Magic

Nicole – the founder of Have Your Magic – Wellbeing is committed to helping us shine. Holding a safe space for us, she is helping us release any disempowering problems and patterns at the root cause, both belief and physical body, so we can finally be in the driving seat of our lives, feeling our inner strength in order to embrace our purpose. Nicole’s wellbeing experiences are truly life-changing.

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