The Rhino Silver / Gold Plated jewellery is inspired by the incredible rhinoceros – a pre-historic-looking creature that has resided on the planet for over 50 million years. The rhino has long been associated with qualities relating to independence, freedom, and being grounded. Channel these qualities when you wear this Rhino bracelet and necklace The Big Five Animals Jewellery Collection is inspired by the magnificent African game animals, their extraordinary qualities and symbolism is infused into the story that accompanies each piece. These charms are a beautiful memento for those who have journeyed in Africa and are equally popular amongst animal lovers at large. We donate 5% profits from sales to support the Mara Predator Conservation Programme, an initiative by the Kenya Wildlife Trust. Choose a gold or silver set of our charm bracelets and necklaces. Comes beautifully packaged in individual gift boxes with a handwritten note to your loved one!

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Care Guide

Jewellery can easily tarnish or become damaged from exposure to certain chemicals and materials and from physical activity. To prolong the life and condition of your charm jewellery, we recommend that you follow these tips:
● Wear your jewellery after applying cosmetics, hairspray, perfumes and lotions as these may contain chemicals that can damage jewellery.
● Remove your jewellery when performing any tasks that can cause exposure to chemicals or cleaning fluids, such as housework and gardening.
● Do not wear jewellery when entering a swimming pool or spa to avoid contact with chlorinated water.
● Avoid wearing jewellery during any sport, gym or other physical activity that can cause damage to jewellery from excessive movement and perspiration.
● Remove jewellery before bathing as soap and shampoo can cause a film to form, making it appear dull and lifeless.
● Use a jewellery polishing cloth or cotton cloth to keep your jewellery clean. Apply gentle back and forth strokes to remove dirt and dust.
● Store your jewellery in a separate pouch as it can scratch, tarnish or become damaged from contact with other items. Items containing sterling silver should be stored in a closed box or sealed plastic bag, as exposure to air will cause it to tarnish.
● Do not coil your jewellery or place heavy items on top of it to prevent damage to beads, stones and jewellery wire, and to keep it in its original shape and condition.

The Zola Collective

Anusha and Misha Co-Founded The Zola Collective in 2019, the cornerstone of their collective is to bring Africa and its sustainable offerings to the rest of the world.
Their mission is to enable small businesses to scale their operations and export out of Africa through an ethical supply chain. The sale of each product goes back to improving the community, whether as water, sanitation, or education and creates a source of livelihood for the farmers. Small women-owned businesses were hit especially hard by the pandemic, which primarily affected sales at local farmers’ markets. TZC partners with and mentors female artisans who need guidance on packaging and retailing their products online. Their promise is to provide natural products that are sustainably sourced and create a positive social impact in the communities that make them!

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