YASOU vegan cellular day cream is a luxe, wellness, 99.4% natural, moisturizing day cream treatment. This clean, water-based cream works on a cellular level, contains fruits, botanicals, and certified organic oils. The active ingredients combined with purified water quickly and easily become absorbed into the skin, giving you optimal results. This wellness treatment moisturizes and nourishes your skin, creating a healthy, vibrant glow you will love. YASOU vegan day cream is multi-tasking and the MFA complex (fruit and botanical extracts) combined with our proprietary Calityl-O Complex stimulates the skin promoting the following properties:

  1. Light exfoliation
  2. Firmness
  3. Elasticity
  4. Collagen production
  5. Pore tightening
  6. Brightening
  7. Even skin tone
  8. Acts as a premier (εννοείprimer?)
  9. Hydration

This deep-skin conditioning and moisturizing cream reinstates the health and beauty of your skin naturally.

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YASOU Skin Care

“Yasou” (pronounced ya-soo) is a common Greek greeting that is used to say “Hello” or “Good-Bye”, but its original meaning is “A toast to your health’’. Yasou is a luxe, wellness, Greek-inspired, boutique skincare company. All products are water-based, containing botanicals, fruits, CO oils and marine-based ingredients. They are natural, vegan, unisex, gluten-free, and cruelty-free!

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