Butterflyfishes, with their amazing array of colors and patterns, are among the most common sights on reefs throughout the world. Most wear intricate patterns with striking backgrounds of blue, red, orange, or yellow. There are at least 114 species of butterflyfish. They spend their days tirelessly pecking at coral and rock formations. Some butterflyfish species travel in small schools, although many are solitary until they find a partner, with whom they may mate for life. A decorative wall hanging set of tropical fishes, digitally printed on aluminum foil. Coating of protective varnish has been applied. High tolerance on weather conditions (heat, cold, rain, etc). Suitable for indoor and outdoor areas. Adjustable distance from wall surface 0,5-1 cm with the use of just a small nail! Handmade in Greece by ALUMINATI with love and care.

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1 pc x 13 cm
2 pcs x 14 cm
2 pcs x 18 cm


We create and imagine things from aluminum. Inspired by simple things, we paint them, print
them, cut them, form them and give them texture. We live with them…

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